Lakes and ponds in Ariège

If the Pyrenees are famous for their mountains, they are just as famous for their lakes and ponds. And the department of Ariège is the privileged territory. There are nearly 400 of them! Of an incredible purity, at the foot of the most beautiful summits, from the lake of Bethmale to the ponds of L'Hers, Bassiès, Soulcem or Artats, discover them by car or by hiking. Staying at the Les Grottes campsite near Tarascon-sur-Ariège, you can easily reach them. Head for the most beautiful and/or closest ones. The choice is yours!

The pond of Artats

At the end of a superb hike in the shade of the high mountain trees, you arrive at the Artats pond. But the effort is worth it. It is a very beautiful and peaceful lake, where you can fish for trout for the amateurs. Where you can admire the Pic des 3 Seigneurs on the Montcalm massif... It is located a few minutes from your campsite Les Grottes. Count on 2h30 of gentle slope ascent, on 1000 meters of difference in level.

The pond of L'Hers

Nestled in the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees, this pond is one of the favourite sites of geologists. Indeed, a very rare magmatic rock can be found here: lherzolite. Hence the name of the Lherz pond, which has become deformed over time. Normally, this rock is only found deep in the earth. However, it was discovered here, in the upper mantle. It is a pleasant fishing spot where families also enjoy cycling.

The pond of Bassiès

A few minutes from your campsite in Ariège, the Bassiès ponds are situated in the middle of the Bassiès cirque, in one of the many valleys of the Vicdessos. At an altitude of 1650 metres, the refuge is a pleasant stopover on the GR 10 route. It is therefore a place of arrival and departure for many walks.

The pond of Soulcem

Accessible by car or on foot, the pond of Soulcem once again delights hikers or visitors with vehicles who have taken great pains to reach it. But once you arrive, the landscape is exceptional. All along the route there are waterfalls, streams and lots of vegetation. Like most places in the Ariège, the bivouacs with family and friends are magnificent.

Lake Bethmale (1h30 from Alliat)

Pack a picnic lunch and drive 1.5 hours to reach the viewpoint. Situated at an altitude of 1076 metres, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises, Lake Bethmale is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ariège. Its pure waters and the reflections which mix there strike by their beauty. In autumn, the orange foliage of the trees is reflected in the turquoise water... A pure wonder of nature.